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Design studio oriented towards social issues, ethics, and taboos

What we actually do

Product Strategy

A well-defined design strategy influences the product road in the long and short term. Keeps clarity where the focus should be, helps with design decisions, and gives insight on what the future will look like.

• Road Maps
• User Journey
• Wireframing
• Prototyping
• UX Ecosystem

User Experience (UX)

A human-centric product fulfills complex needs with simple solutions. It expresses elegance, simplicity and a joy to use and own. True user experience goes beyond providing customers what they say they want or a feature checklist.

• UX Optimisation
• User Interface (UI)
• User testing
• Interactions
• Product and Website Audit


It takes less than a second for your product to create the first impression. A uniform brand brings clarity, focus, and trust in the team and product/service.  Also, it conveys your values and offers recognition.

• Visual Identity
• Brand Audit
• Rebranding
• Print Collaterals
• Web Design

UX Consultancy

Few products live in isolation, instead, most of them live in the users' ecosystem. We can help you define how your product should position itself into the user's environment, co-exist with other components of the ecosystem, and be part of the community.

We look at your business from inside out. We will go from your mission to your value proposition and business model, through your target audience and personas, all the way to your user flows, screens, and UI elements, to integrate them all in ONE.

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Consistency evokes trust. Having an aligned identity help customers and partners connect easier with a brand.
Visual Identity systems help businesses solve problems and reduce decision factors when it comes to their presentation and communication.
The brand is not what you say you are, but what THEY say you are. You can't change people's perceptions, but you can influence and guide them.
We believe that branding or rebranding is a collaborative process in which we balance out our experience with your knowledge about your market and customers.

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Case Study

Globo Health is a collection of all your digital medical records in one place. It’s cloud-based, which means no more going back and forth to the doctor to show test results, renew a prescription, and get further instructions. Now you are able to acquire medicine with an electronic prescription, which is always stored in the app.

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