We're a well-oiled design machine

At the core of Sulf two digital creatives are sharing a passion for good design, technology, and ethics. Alex turns wireframes and brief words into captivating visual material, while Ana keeps a handle on all things to be functional and aligned with users' needs on every stage of the product.

We don't know it all, but we know people who complement our knowledge. When the project requires, we reach out to our close collaborators for copywriting, illustrations, 3D, motion graphics, and other expertise.

Alex at Sulf officeTwo coffee mugs Easter eggs at Sulf officeDesigners at Sulf designing a productSulf branded headphonesAna working at Sulf office


We're on a constant lookout for projects that resonate with our values and we're open to collaborating in various ways, with different entities. We'd be thrilled to hear about new possible partnerships - give us a shout!

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