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medical cards

While digitization occurs everywhere, medical records printed on paper and stored in endless files are still the reality of many clinics.

Globosphere took up the challenge to digitalize the medical cards. They want to offer clarity, structure, and seamless experience to patients and doctors.  

The goal is to evolve the medical card into a personal health assistant that helps the user keep track of his health. At the same time, it offers more transparency to the patient and makes medical services less overwhelming.

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Problem statement

Medical cards are hard to read, understand and follow.


Create a tool that is useful for a large variety of users, such as seniors, youth, busy parents, people with chronic diseases or complicated treatments and people in the care of others.

Connecting the dots

GloboHealth is a collection of all the digital medical records in one place.
It’s a cloud-based app, which means no more going back and forth to the doctor to show test results, renew a prescription, and get further instructions. It makes it convenient to acquire medicine with an electronic prescription since it is always stored online.

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The medical card can be accessed mainly from a web browser, thus it’s not tied to a device. At the same time, considering the users with chronic diseases and seniors that need constant checkups, we created a complementary mobile app. The app offers them the possibility to check their prescriptions, visits, and keep up with their treatments.

The web and mobile app medical cards have different functionalities - the user can choose the one that fits better. A web version can be used when needed, from time to time, whereas a mobile app is more personal and helps with health on an everyday basis.

Doctors typically use PCs available in their clinics to update patients’ files, write prescriptions, or check on their booked appointments. To meet their needs, they will have the access to a different version of the desktop app.

The pharmacy will have access to the patient’s prescriptions. The patient can buy his prescription with an ID card or order them online.

Main functionalities

The web version was created to offer an overview of health, and cover the basic needs of the medical system. The functionalities of the web medical card are:
- Access medical history and compare the changes over time.
- Book and reschedule doctor appointments and follow them.
- To keep track of the ongoing and past treatments.  
- Check on prescriptions with the option to renew them.

At the same time, the mobile app covers the functionalities that users would need on a daily bases.
- Be on top of what requires attention, such as taking a pill, or follow up on an appointment.
- Keep track of the ongoing treatments
- Check on prescriptions with the option to renew them.
- Add non-prescribed care such as gym supplements, contraceptives, or vitamins.
- Follow up on the other family members’ medical cards.

Home page design

To do

To do is the main screen. It connects all the important sections of the app and the key actions for the user.  

- Notifications about tasks the user needs to complete for the day. For example, taking a pill, or booking a follow-up appointment with the doctor, either for the user or his family.
- Book a new appointment.
- Chat with the nurse. We predict this functionality will decrease the number of checkups with the doctor since a user can get reliable answers faster.


The calendar’s purpose is to help the user to keep up with his ongoing treatments. Once the treatment is added by the doctor, the necessary medicaments will be synchronized with the patient’s calendar. Hence, the patients don’t need to add it themselves.  

The users can keep track of:
- Start and end of treatment.
- When it is needed to buy more medication, based on used prescriptions.
- What treatments are overlapping and if they affect each other.

It’s a feature that allows for effective synchronization between patients, doctors, and pharmacists.

calendar design
new appointment hospital chat with a nursedigital card calendar design
e-recipes design


The e-recipes function collects all the prescriptions in one place, offering the user convenience of not losing any of them, and using them without much hassle.  
- The users have an overview of all prescriptions.
- They can ask the doctor to renew it.
- The app keeps track of how much medication is bought and notifies the users when more is needed.

e-recipes design medical profilemedical history design


GloboHealth relieves the patient from remembering all the complicated treatment instructions, appointment dates, or keeping an enormous amount of paper medical records. It empowers patients by giving them a sense of control over their health issues. Therefore access to medical services becomes easier and less intimidating.

It also saves medical personnel’s time by helping to avoid unnecessary visits and having a consistent overview of the patient medical history. By creating an easy solution that connects all parties in the process, we enable healthcare to be more effective and empower patients to feel in control.

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