Floravitro is the carnivorous plant nursery that cares from A to Z.
They help you turn their buds into your buddies.

We partnered on
Brand strategy, visual identity and website design

Image of Nepenthes plantPresentation image for Floravitro with the text "All the knowledge you might need to successfully cultivate your new bud"Presentation image for Floravitro with Nepenthes plants

Carnivorous plants are highly unique in the plant kingdom. Attracting insects and other small animals are their way to compensate for the little nutrition available. They evolved so peculiarly to adjust to the tough environments and therefore they have unusual needs. Floravitro derived out of a fascination with them - we know how special these plants are and the particular care they require.

Presentation image for Floravitro with Nepenthes plantFloravitro logo presentation

We positioned Floravitro as a brand that transforms a quirky
hobby into a popular fascination and makes ownership of
carnivore plants simple. A brand that helps to conserve the unique variety of natural environment by popularising distinctive plant species. One plant at a time.

A pot with Floravitro logo applied Application of Floravitro visual identity
Presentation image for Floravitro with Nepenthes plant
Branding guide presentation for FloravitroBranding guide for Floravitro

After we delivered the branding guide we moved on to design the web shop and build it using Webflow. You can take a look at www.floravitro.com

Website design for FloravitroWebsite design for FloravitroWebsite design for FloravitroWebsite design for Floravitro

Manuel Reimansteiner, Founder at Floravitro