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Learning Lab are inclusiveness advocates that inspire with an actionable plan. They share tangible, clear ways to achieve inclusiveness based on their knowledge and real-life experience.

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Brand strategy and visual identity

Learning Lab logoPresentation image for Learning Lab with the text "we create opportunities from exceptionalities"

Inclusion and accessibility appear in many conversations and it’s time to back the talk with real impact. They are no longer decorative cherries on top of the organisational cake nor optional bonuses to slide in PR statements. They are applicable values everyone can use as a compass leading to true empowerment.Learning Lab is here to guide those who wholeheartedly seek to include and celebrate employees and students with exceptionalities.

Showcase of Learning Lab's expertise: Personal experience, Educational expertise, Legal understanding Book cover with the title "The new inclusion era"Social media posts examples for Learning LabShort version of Learning Lab logoPresentation image for Learning Lab

We defined a brand that is committed, proactive, and accountable. The visual identity encapsulates these attributes. We used a different font for one letter to show that people with exceptionalities can have a role in society.

Presentation image for Learning Lab with the text "Building a world where we celebrate exceptionalities"

We partnered up with Eyes Open who have a vast experience on the inclusiveness field. Big thanks to Eyes Open design team who designed and build the Leaning Lab website.

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Dr. KT Schellenberg Bell, CEO Learning Lab